About this initiative

Valipac is at the very centre of the value chain of C&I packaging. Thanks to this position, we have ongoing contacts with all actors in the chain: packaging manufacturers, collectors, recyclers, public authorities and, of course, our clients, the companies that put packaged goods on the Belgian market. These relationships allow us to be well informed about current and future challenges in the field of C&I packaging.

Managers of SMEs and small businesses have many questions on these topics and do not always know where to find the information. The purpose of this Academy is to inform and support our clients in their transition to packaging circularity, in the best possible way.

About Valipac

Valipac was created by the Belgian industry to provide a collective response to the extended producer responsibility for commercial and industrial (C&I) packaging. We are the first European organisation focusing specifically on C&I packaging. Our primary mission is to achieve the recycling rates imposed on our clients for the C&I packaging they put on the Belgian market.

To achieve circularity of C&I packaging, we have set ourselves 4 chalenges: encourage our clients to use circular packaging, ensure the traceability of C&I packaging waste and guarantee its effective recycling, promote local recycling and, finally, further stimulate the selective collection of C&I packaging in companies.

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