Sorting in your company

Currently, residual waste from companies still contains an average of 50% materials that could have been valorised if they had been sorted at source. This is unfortunate, especially if you know that this waste is subject to a sorting obligation.

In this training module you will learn more about the sorting obligation in the 3 regions of the country and how to sort your waste correctly.

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Checking my sorting obligations

Let’s start by testing your knowledge. In this game, you can test your knowledge of the legislation on sorting obligations.

TESTing my knowledge

Did you score less than 7/10? Then read the following carefully.

In Belgium, all companies are obliged to sort waste. This means that you cannot throw all your waste into your residual waste container. You must sort it by type and arrange collection. The legislation on sorting differs between the regions. We offer an overview to help you understand.

Checking my obligations

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Assessing your waste

Measurement is the key to knowledge. Knowledge is the key to planning. Do you have any idea how much waste is produced in your company? Have you ever thought about the cost of waste management? Use our spreadsheet to make a clear, simple assessment.

Assessing my waste

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Finding a collector

Don’t feel like spending hours on the internet looking for a collector? Consult the list of Valipac-affiliated collectors.

Having your waste collected by a Valipac-affiliated collector is a guarantee of correct processing.

It also means benefiting from incentives for sorting your commercial and industrial packaging waste.

Finding a collector

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Receiving incentives

Sorting commercial and industrial packaging is a legal obligation for all companies. But in exchange for these efforts, your company can benefit from various incentives linked to the sorting of your commercial and industrial packaging.

Find out more about Valipac incentives

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Communication material

Incorrectly sorted waste can impede recycling. For the successful introduction of a systematic sorting approach in your company, you need the active cooperation of all your employees. Good internal communication is indispensable here.

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